Tiffany & Wimbledon Chairs

Big sale in South Africa on Tiffany & Wimbledon Chairs

We sell as;

1.Tiffany chairs:R170

Gold Tiffany Chair

2.Wimbledon chairs:R120

Wimbledon Chair

Colors available:Gold,Silver,clear and white.

Free Cushion

Material:Metal and wood (All at same prices)

Kids chairs as: chairs kiddies:R150

2.Wimbledon chairs kiddies:R95

3.Kids table:R270

Colors available:Transparent,Gold,Silver,clear and white.

Free Cushion

Material:Resin or wood


1.Folding Leg Table Rectangular:R320

Seating capacity:8 Compact 6 Spacious

2.Folding Leg Table Round:R380

Seating capacity:10 people
Size:1803mm dia round

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