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PROMINENT EXPORT GROUP PTY  a dynamic vibrant company with several years of experience provides the bridge that makes importing from and exporting to Southern Africa possible. We consider our relationship with you a partnership. This means we are just as invested in your success as you are. And with each partnership endeavor we undertake, we bring a level of passion, determination and market experience that will make available your desired product(s)

Why Us
  • We provide quality products and services to help enhance the relationship between us and our customer.
  • We offer a wide selection of everyday consumable necessities.
  • We provide timely and efficient deliveries
  • We provide trained and knowledgeable sales representatives with a lot of experience in industry to service all our customers
  • We consist of dynamic individuals working towards excellent trading in the fields of Agriculture, Forestry, Chemicals, Home appliances, office supplies, textiles, leather and a lot more.
  • We deliver the world of importing and exporting into your hands
  • We are simply…..The best

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